The Lotus Therapies

​Katia at the International Thai massage school in Chiang Mai with her students

 Katia is a practitioner based in London and qualified in a wide range of massage techniques. She has been interested in alternative therapies for many years. She has studied in England and Asia, therefore her approach is a variation of eastern technique and western philosophy. Her first introduction to massage was during a visit to Thailand in 1994. She became interested and passionate about massage, and on her return to London she enrolled for an ITEC course in Swedish Holistic massage. Later she returned to Thailand where she studied traditional Thai yoga massage, Thai Herbal compress and Thai foot reflexology where she had the opportunity to work with locally renown teachers, practicing and learning many unique aspects to this particular therapy. A year later she was fortunate to be invited to Chiang Mai (Thailand)   for more continuous and intense studies resulting in her teaching traditional Thai yoga massage to international students, which gave her a greater understanding of this unique therapy.

 Soon  after this she began her journey working as a therapist professionally, she studied others therapies over the years and has taken certain aspects from each, which she developed into her own style.  


the Lotus Therapy

Katia at the International Thai massage school in Chiang Mai Thailand 

                  where she studied and taught Thai massage