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​​​Abdominal Chi Massage:

Abdominal Chi Massage(inspired by Chi Nei Tsang) is a massage energy therapy that touches the abdomen gently and deeply to clear the internal organs from stagnant and congested energies and remove habituated emotional patterns, creating an inner space to facilitate healing and realization. Effects: Detoxify and cleanse internal organs,improve elimination and stimulation of a lymphatic and circulatory system. Restore natural posture and structure, improve immune responses.Work on visceral structures of internal organs stimulating them to work better.
​60 minus - £ 50 / 90 mins- £ 70

​Traditional Thai Yoga massage:
Is an ancient healing art rooted in a practice of Metta (loving kindness) this unique therapy combines hatha yoga, acupressure and meditation to restore and harmonize body,mind and spirit.​ It relieves muscles and joint tension, frees energetic blockage and leaves the receiver relaxed and revitalized. Thai bodywork take place fully clothed and without oils on a floor mat. It work the entire body focusing on the energy lines (Sen Meridians) to creates a flowing dance between the giver and the receiver. 
​60 mins- £ 50 / 90 mins- £ 70​

Hot herbal compress:
Herbal body compress originated in Thailand as a medicinal therapy. Applied hot it is used to relieve stiffness, aches and pains in the body. The hot compresses are placed on parts of the body to relieve sore muscles, stimulating circulation, as well as increasing energy flow which is vital for a healthy body. It commonly compliments traditional Thai yoga and deep tissue massage. 
Additional £ 5 ​

Deep Tissue:
Is a technique focusing on the deeper layers of muscle tissue. It aims to release the chronic pattern of tension in the body through slow strokes and deep knuckle, elbow and thumb pressure on the contracted area either following or going across the fiber of the muscles, tendons and fascia. The purpose is to "un-stick" the fiber of  muscle while  releasing deeply-held patterns of tension, removing toxin, while relaxing and soothing the muscle.It is both therapeutic and corrective.
30 mins- £ 35 / 60 mins- £55

Swedish massage:
This classic Western style, is a system of long strokes, kneading, friction, tapping, percussion, vibration and a shaking motion that applies pressure between muscle and bone, rubbing in the same direction as the flow of the blood returning to the heart, it is relaxing and invigorating. The main purpose of Swedish massage is to increase oxygen flow in the blood which releases toxins from the muscles. Others benefits of this massage style includes a shortening recovery time from muscular strain, increased circulation, stretching of ligaments and tendons, skin stimulation and soothing of the nervous system.
30 mins- £ 35 / 60 mins-£55

Hot Stone Therapy:
Hot stone is a specialty massage where the therapist uses smooth heated stones either as an extension of their hands, or by placing them on the body while the therapist massage other parts. The heat from the stone warms and relaxes the tight muscles which allow applying a deeper pressure.The stones used are typically river rocks made of basalt with a high iron content. Basalt helps the stone to retain heat during massage.The warmth of the stone improve circulation and calms the nervous system. Hot stone is suited for people who have all type of muscle tension and improves a variety of conditions: muscles, back pain and ache, poor circulation, stress and tension.
60 mins- £50 / 90 mins-£70

Lomi Lomi Hawaiian massage:

Hawaiian massage, also known as Lomi Lomi or Kahuna is an ancient form of massage that treats both mind and spirit. The Hawaiian sees all the aspects of the body as one and believes the physical, metal, emotional and spiritual are all part the individual "whole".This massage works by stimulating the natural flow of energy, there is not a set routine, the treatment maybe slow and relaxing or faster and invigorating, but is generally deep and rhythmical, using the forearms, heals of the hands and elbows in long flowing strokes, there are also some gentle stretches of the joints to assist the release of tension.
60 mins- £55

​Indian Head massage:

Is a traditional Indian technique of treating the upper back, neck, shoulders, face and scalp. Indian head massage works both on a physical and psychological level. The technique used represents a de-stressing program for the whole body. By massaging the head and shoulders, energies will become re-balanced and a general feeling of relaxation will be achieved. Indian head massage can improve blood flow to the head and neck which increases the distribution of nutrients which encourages healing throughout the body. This treatment is non-invasive, the client remains fully clothed and seated on a chair, for this reason it may be undertaken anywhere.
30 mins- £ 35

Foot Reflexology:

Is an ancient form of natural healing, helping to relieve tired, overworked feet. Pressure is applied to various reflex points on the feet to help bring the whole body into balance. This facilitates the healing process, enhances and revitalizes the whole body inducing a feeling of relaxation and calm.​
30 mins- £35 / 60 mins-£55

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